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The Musician as Athlete

All musicians, just like athletes, aim to perform at the highest levels of excellence, and like athletes, the whole body is involved. Athletes routinely train the whole body, and could have a team of experts helping them with different aspects of their performance. 


This is rarely the case with musicians, who, unless they have good self awareness combined with biomechanical knowledge, inevivitably focus on the parts of their body more obviously involved in playing their instrument.  This often results in musicians only seeking help when things have gone wrong and they start to experience pain.



Our work has two objectives:


  • To prevent such problems, hugely important for young and still growing players, and to resolve existing problems in more experienced flautists.


  • To enhance performance by using the whole body as an instrument, not just the hollow tube we hold in our hands.  There is a huge effect on sound quality and resonance, as well as on general ease of playing and stamina.